About Me

I was drawn to Photography in 2011 and my passion for creating new, interesting images has continued to grow since. I developed an interest in manipulating photos and creating dark and mysterious images, with a special love for creepy dolls and macro, close up images.

I've always enjoyed creative pastimes since primary school... from making a mosaic paper plate or attempting to paint Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers' in primary 5, delving into photography, both abstract and close up, or painting still life in Advanced Higher Art, exploring - and realising I'm not a fan of - Modern Art at University to creating an online business for my handmade funky, chunky jewellery shop, DysfunctionDesigns.

It's something that's followed me throughout my life and, in which, I've been happy to dabble but it's taken me a long time to find a creative outlet that really speaks to me.

I bought my first DSLR camera in 2013 with the goal of taking my own product photographs for DysfunctionDesigns. Whilst I learned a lot from this I found I got a lot more use (and enjoyment) from my camera when I realised  how much more interesting it was trying to source new and unusual perspectives on the everyday. I quickly took to snapping things around me and found that sharing these shots with people to be far more exciting. Then I discovered Adobe Photoshop which, combined with my love of horror and the macabre, brought me to editing and manipulating my own images - along with the occasional stock image - to create something unique. Something truly my own.

I still enjoy painting, crocheting and occasionally making my own jewellery, but I feel that the combination of Photography and Digital Art has ignited a spark within me.
I'm grateful for you having read this far and would love it if you could join me on my journey; always being pulled back towards the creative magnet.

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